Creativity and Meditation

When people speak of combining meditation with creative expression, it usually sounds to me as though the two are separate, when, for me personally, they are one and the same. Meditation is a creative mind space. It allows for anything to arise that would normally be held back, avoided, discounted, or prematurely cut off. The seeds of creativity are strewn all over the place in our meditation sittings, but many times go unrecognized. For instance, we experience and analyze inner dramas through our internal dialogs, rehashing past events and projecting into the future. A greater awareness of these internal dialogs, combined with curiosity about them, can help us break free of the repeating generic loops and open doors to the hidden mental processes that are active in our interpersonal realities. It naturally follows that we become capable of seeing the themes of great literature within our own experience, even though we may never be able to express them eloquently. Although sometimes people’s meditation journals contain specific and nuanced understandings of these universal themes, and are truly inspiring to read and discuss.

The imagery I see in dreams and meditation has always been more vivid, more interesting, and more illuminating than anything I could create with drawing implements and a blank piece of paper. I could never be capable of expressing the unique images that pass through my mind, as I lack the skill, the education, and the talent. But I can approximate what I see in my inner world using photographs that I alter and then place in my photovideos. I consider myself fortunate to have discovered this way of expressing and representing my inner world, even though it is a rough approximation. Just as inner imagery calms my mind, or, conversely, creates a kind of joyous energy, my photovideos can have the same effect on viewers. These can be used as meditation tools or they can be enjoyed as creative expressions of someone whose mind has been transformed and cultured by meditation over decades of practice.

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